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Skyrim Pins


Sheogorath Bear

bears-elderscrolls-sheogorathSheogorath is holding a ball of yarn and a head of cabbage, which are required to summon him in Oblivion.

Sheogorath Pony Plushie

bears-elderscrolls-sheogorathponyI enjoy ideas that are fundamentally WRONG.

Ancients’ Ascent – Dovahkiin vs. Dragon Perler Standee

perlers-skyrim-ancientsascent1perlers-skyrim-ancientsascent2perlers-skyrim-ancientsascent3The loot in the dragon’s hoard, including ingots, gear and gems.

Tekko staff entered this piece into the model competition after it was placed in the Art Show, and it flew off with a trophy. The dragon runes read “TEKKOSHOCON.”