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Mega Man Pin


Various Perler Sprite Keychains


Power-Up Perler Magnets

perlers-various-powerupsClockwise from top left: Castlevania, Metroid, Super Mario 3, Contra, Mega Man.

8-Bit Perler Standees

perlers-various-standups1Left to right: Link, Mario, Mega Man, Samus.

perlers-various-excitebikepitslimeLeft to right: Excitebike player character; Pit from Kid Icarus; Blue Slime from Dragon Warrior.

perlers-various-ninjagaidenlakitublastermasterLeft to right: Ryu from Ninia Gaiden; Lakitu from Super Mario Bros; SOPHIA from Blaster Master.

Mega Man & Mets Perler Standee


Mega Man Bear