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Link Puppet


Doc & Marty Puppets

puppets-liveaction-bttf2-martydocBTTF2 versions, because it’s 2015.

Twelfth Doctor & Clara Puppets


Captain Mal Puppet


Hikaru & Kaoru Puppets


Beelzenef Puppets

We made these guys for a few years, so here’s Beelzenef Through the Ages.puppets-ouran-beelzenefpuppets-ouran-beelzenef2puppets-ouran-beelzenef3


Fallout / Vault Boy Puppets

puppets-fallout3-vaultboypuppets-fallout3-vault77This set was based on a side comic from Penny Arcade. Modeled by our friend Eric in Vault Dweller cosplay.

Phoenix Wright Puppets

puppets-phoenixwright-phoenixedgeyjudgeSet 1, 2007 – Edgeworth, Judge, Phoenix

puppets-phoenixwright-pwset2Set 2, 2008 – plus Maya and Larry

Sherlock, Moriarty & Watson Puppets


Higurashi Main Cast Puppets

puppets-higurashi-fiveClockwise from far left: Satako, Rika, (Sh)Mion, Rena, Keiichi.