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Able Sisters Fan Crafts on Etsy: Buy stuff that’s available right now.

Special Orders / Commissions: “I saw this thing on your gallery and it didn’t say Buy Me Now.” OR “I really wanted such-and-such a character, but I didn’t see it on your gallery.”


* We don’t mass-produce. If you want 100 of something, there are a lot of companies out there that can make your stuff for you. That is not our thing.

* If you have a cool idea that you do not intend to actually buy, but just want to pass along as an idea, email us or send us a message on Facebook or deviantArt, or email us, or leave a comment. We’ll chitchat.

* Just emailing us does not mean either side is committed right away. We will email you and talk about prices, sizes, and eight million other questions that are intended to get you just what you want. If you decide not to go for it after all, you can say no thanks later (before we start making it). We will confirm with you that you really want it before we start. If you stop answering emails, do not assume that we are making your item.

* If we decide that we can’t do it (too many other orders, defies the laws of physics, we can’t make it happen within your budget), we will let you know.

Got it? Email us!

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