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This is going to sound bad, but

Aaaahhhhh, so excited.

  1. New-old-new title for THR2, The Healers’ Home. That’s the theme; that’s the title; I cannot be more crafty than that.
  2. New almost-final cover for it, too, now in the sidebar. Cover art by RLSather; typography by my sister, who is so dang talented, seriously why did we not do this earlier.
  3. Relatedly – we have a new cover for THR to harmonize better with the second book, and I am positively gleeful about that one. I am restraining myself from switching out the covers as a bribe to myself to finish the second book. When that’s done, then I can launch both at the same time.
  4. Two beta readers “lined up” for THR2, by which I mean they have said something more or less like “send it when it’s ready.” I am not going to be a jerk about that, but hey, you open that door and I’m going to send it.
  5. Short story / novella between 1 & 2 is going well, and should be ready by the time THR2 is ready. Of course, that’ll need a cover and title too, so cue proverbial screaming and crying.

THR Convention Sign Art!

For the last ten years, my sister, my husband and I have run a crafting side business, including an Etsy store and an in-person booth. We make nerdy fandom crafts — buttons/pins, teddy bears dressed up in costume, quilts based on The Legend of Zelda, stuff like that. Because we already have a booth reserved at our local anime / video game / nerdy-things-mostly-from-Japan convention, I decided to have some paperbacks ready to go as well.

Outside of translations and manga, book sellers are fairly rare at these events; you’ll see several indie graphic novelists and occasionally a novelist, usually in nerd-friendly genres like epic fantasy. It’s a fun opportunity to translate what I do into fan lingo — the general public won’t know what I’m talking about when I say “Spice and Wolf minus the gods and economics, plus broshipping and linguistics,” but this crew would.

So for this particular instance (and others like it, if all goes well), I commissioned some anime-style artwork from a friend.  I said “make it look like an anime eyecatch from a fantasy-adventure show, except that they’re posing with art and music accoutrements instead of swords and staves.” And then we had a discussion about snoods and sleeves and such, and how it’s nearly impossible to suggest “this person is a graphite artist” unless you show what they’re sketching, because pencil = writer in visual shorthand.

And the art:





So cute.

(Art by Wendy Davis, who does not have a website, unfortunately.)


This will go onto a sign with a short “x meets y” type blurb and a QR code to buy the ebook or download the sample. The convention is next weekend. Should be fun.

Proof. And yarn

thrproofphoto The first proof of THR, with some grievous formatting errors in the last 6-7 chapters (my fault, hence sticky notes, will address).

Also amigurumi, to make this even slightly entertaining. In a detail that both vexes and amuses me, Keifon’s pins and necklace are non-canonical / inaccurate; those were just the materials that I happened to have. (I’m not even super jazzed about his hair or exact skin tone, which means that basically nothing about that one is on model. I hope to improve my amigurumi hair skills as I continue.)

But anyway. I made these two to celebrate the end of the last draft. They’re a cozy thing to have on my desk.