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Who are you again?

A day off sick means… well, a lot of Minecraft, but also continuing the project to combine several years’ worth of world and character notes into one master document. I’ve now closed in on the main notes document, which is 39 pages long and has not been updated since the first draft of The Healers’ Road. A lot of it has since been changed, so there’s a lot of sorting out what’s current from what’s not. And “Oh yeah, that’s what he/she/that city used to be called.” Whew.

In the end, however, I will have one document in which I can stick all of the setting and lore info that got strewn throughout the first book, and then move forward with some idea that I know what the heck I’m talking about.


And this doesn’t fit in with the Playlist, but I will link to it anyway as working music: if not all of the music from Rhythm Heaven, a bonkers Nintendo DS rhythm game that I love, then at least most of it.