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Apparently, I need to write nonsense

…if I want to get anything done at a speed above a crawl. Or maybe the answer is to only write second drafts, which is impossible. 🙂

SFR story is now 5,000 words longer than it was before, after three days of edits. Since its inception, in every draft, this project has moved faster than any other one I’ve worked on – and I have no idea why. Maybe because the focus is on being a little bit goofy, or I have more fun describing the setting. Something.

Edits are about 1/3 of the way done – but I think the second half will end up more thoroughly changed than the first, and the pace may slow down once we get there. The angst is scaling back nicely, though. Angst up, pace down a little at the beginning, more worldbuilding, trim the sails, uhhh, see how the mainsail sets, call for the captain ashore, let me go home? (Doo-doo, doo doo-doo, do doo-doo.)

Things to learn: How to write like a normal person

100 Days rolls on! The total number of projects in the last 40 days is now up to 4: The Quartet, The Builders’ Bridge, The Healers’ Road 2: Pre-Electric Boogaloo, and now, a partial rewrite of the romance novella/short novel that has been stuck in development hell since November. Instead of being a spinoff of the Balance Academy series, it’s being blasted into space, and takes place on an Earth colony being diplomatically pressured by a heirarchy-obsessed species of sentient space tigers because why not. This may not go anywhere, but it seemed worth trying.

Normal people can pick a genre and write in it. I need to learn how to do that. It’s all well and good to let the story roam where it may, but I am faced with how to title, cover, and shelve this beast somehow. It’s a problem of too many circles on one’s Venn diagram; eventually you narrow your readership down to one.

But until then, I’m grafting ebooks, spaceships and paparazzi into what was a court-intrigue fantasy story, and having a wonderful time.

A road map through befuddlement

Second: Despite the chiding word count bar here, I have been stalled for the last few weeks. Specifically, the back of my brain insists that I should Do Something with the novella that I wrote last summer before moving on to something else. (This is not reasonable. One can have more than one iron in the fire.)

The problem is that the novella doesn’t fit in with my new-found milieu, genre-confused as it may be. So a new pen name is probably in order. And if it’s under a new pen name, it can’t/shouldn’t be in the same universe; that’s just confusing. So, in short, the task before me is to file off the serial numbers of something written in my own storyverse.

However, I have thought of some fun directions in which to take it, so this may not be as onerous as it seemed at first.

Third, and possibly related: I have joined a self-motivating, NaNo-ish exercise to write every day for 100 days, starting on January 4. My goal is to establish some more consistent habits.  If you’d like to join us, check out this thread at the Writers’ Cafe forums.