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Upcoming Sale & New Cover

In the continuing adventures of the most haphazard “marketing” “campaign” in publishing, I noticed that I had an available window for a sale on Amazon. So here we go! On January 5-12, 2016, The Healers’ Road will be .99 of the local currency in the US and UK.

I continue to apologize to the rest of the world. As soon as Book 2 is out, I will branch out into other sales channels, which should allow for more flexibility.

Now that the sequel is just over the horizon (really), and in the spirit of why-not-let’s-try-this, I’ve instituted the new cover.

The Healers' Road

I love those colors. LOVE.

The art is by RLSather, and it’s a premade cover from The typography is by my sister, after a couple of weeks emailing back and forth with strong feelings about faux-medieval fonts. I found that I can have deep loathing toward a capital H. However, this is a capital H that I like. (We ended up with MacHumaine for the caps and Wellsley for the lower-case, with some tweaks overall.)

Mind you, this is not one of those “use your family and friends for unpaid labor at random” dealies; she’s a graphic designer in real life, and works with type and graphics  all-day-every-day.

This cover will cover the digital edition; the print edition remains with the horse-and-carriage cover for now. [Edit for fun fact: I think doing this will make Amazon cling to the old graphic. Why it would prioritize Createspace over itself, I have no idea. Since I’ve sold all of 4 copies of the paperback via Amazon, it’s disconnected for now.)

So there we go: new cover, upcoming sale.

Quick update post

  • We have been a little displaced while our bathroom is being rebuilt from the water-damaged mess it used to be. We’re depending on the hospitality of some very patient friends. I’ve been writing entirely on paper these days, though not by candlelight! Catching up should be…interesting…
  • Because of this (mostly), September and October’s reading lists will be glommed together.
  • THR2 is back from the alpha reader with extensive notes on pacing, which I resist but respect. I am now writing more material for the second draft. (We had this same dance with the first book: I cut out several chapters because nothing happens in them, he says “it seems choppy,” I sigh and put them back in. Ha.)
  • THR will have a Countdown Deal sale – 99c in the US & UK – on Oct. 5-12, 2015.
  • Attending Tsubasacon, a science fiction, fantasy and anime con, in Huntington, WV on October 9 through 11. This is for the crafting biz, though I will also have paperbacks and bookmarks, along with the sale on ebooks. We haven’t been back to Tsubasacon for several years, and we’re really looking forward to it.

Update: Happy Summer Solstice!

Write longhand all week, transcribe all weekend. It’s like rock & roll all nite & party ev-uh-ry day, except the opposite.

I don’t have a song today. I do have about 3,000 words of scene to transcribe, mostly early-morning walking and “I have a secret I’m trying really hard not to tell my friend, and it isn’t working because she is nosy as hell,” plus digressions on goat cheese and architecture because it’s me. Did I promise you non-stop action? I believe I did not.  😀

I’m also reading Between You & Me: Confessions of a Comma Queen by Mary Norris, a long-time copy editor for The New Yorker. It’s about 25% memoir and 75% essays on punctuation and grammar. Despite her retrograde stance on pronouns (ugh), a lot of it is quite amusing — like figuring out why there’s a dash in Moby-Dick or, in the same chapter, fielding a sniffy Letter to the Editor about the difference between “star-fucker” and “star fucker.” “Pedantic” and “easily amused” are not necessarily mutually exclusive, you know! So that’s fun. Full bookish writeup after I get a few more finished, as before.

Third note, it’s the summer solstice this weekend. So if we were all from Agna’s country from the books, a quarter of us would get a year older, and we’d be lighting bonfires and dancing and drinking wine and finding the excuse to have a week-long party. Lundrala, the holiday observed in Healers’ Road, has not happened yet. Still time to buy presents.

To update the last update, with an update in the update: The sale is still on, but I may hold off on releasing THR to Kobo & co. for a little longer. Amazon just shook things up in the program I was just about to quit, and I’m curious to see how it will pan out. So I may — possibly — keep Healers’ Road in the Kindle Unlimited program until Healertown Passage has at least one cycle in it too, then pack both up and release them elsewhere. We’ll see.

0.99 Summer Sale

Just realized that my eligibility window for launching a particular type of sale on Amazon is closing, so hey! 99c sale on The Healers’ Road on and next week, June 21-28.

In mid-July, THR will stop being available through Kindle Unlimited, and if all goes well, start being available through a couple of other retailers.


Sale’s here!

Here we are: The Healers’ Road is on sale for 0.99 from now through Saturday, 3/21, in the US & UK.

The paperback is due within the next couple of weeks. If by some chance you’re at Tekko, Pittsburgh’s anime convention, in a month —drop by the Able Sisters booth in Artists’ Alley and we’ll have it on paper, too. (We will have 99% plushies and 1% books, but still.)

I’d like to pause for a moment to wax effusive about ebook technology, literacy levels, and the Industrial Revolution. THR takes place at a technological level in which books are printed with movable type, but they are still printed and bound by hand, and as a result they’re quite expensive. The characters spend most of the story borrowing books from the local bookseller to feed their habits, because investing in a new book to own is a big deal.

And of course, a lot of people are in a situation like that in the real world today. Let’s hear it for libraries, first of all. But knowledge and stories are so much more readily available than they used to be, literacy is higher, and I know I sometimes take that for granted.

Thanks all around

Two days remain on the Countdown Deal [EDIT: As of my timestamp – until 12/27], and while THR is not any kind of international bestseller, that’s OK. I have more than met the goal that I set for myself: I would like to share this story with some people. Perhaps even people whom I don’t know. I mean, let’s not dream TOO big, but it would be nice.

Perhaps it’s unprofessional, but I wanted to pause and express my exhilarated gratitude to everyone who has taken a chance on it. Maybe you’ll like it, and maybe you won’t. Maybe you won’t finish it. Maybe it’ll sit in your TBR pile until the heat death of the universe. I know the feeling, in all of those cases. It’s all good.

In any of those cases, thank you for visiting its world, or at least picking up a ticket. I’m honored to have opened the gates.

Counting up money as though it meant something

Because I like sales, too: The Healers’ Road will have a Kindle Countdown Deal in the US and UK from Dec. 21 to 27, 2014. In the US this means that the price will drop to $0.99 on Sunday, click up to $1.99 in the middle of the week, and resume its usual price of $2.99 at the end of the week. In the UK there’s just one stage, £0.99 from the 21st-27th and back to £1.99 at the end of the week.

Related-but-not-in-an-obvious-fashion, THR should be available at the Kobo store and other ebook retailers in mid-January. Amazon has an exclusivity clause for three months, and that’s when it expires. It’s not unlike the platform-exclusives in video games, in which one platform will get a title three months ahead of the others.

One might think that the Amazon version should have Link as a playable character or something. Such, however, is not the case. Instead, we get a sale. And sales are still good.