Jumping up and down is unbecoming

THR print cover proof

Hello, I am the cover of the print edition, and I AM FABULOUS.

Not final yet; if-all-goes-well; more news later; etc.

Tangentially related: A new ebook version of The Healers’ Road should be up by tomorrow. The changes are:

– no excerpt from The Builders’ Bridge, since it has been pushed back in favor of the first prequel story (working title The Quartet, about Agna, Rone and Esirel’s days in the Academy; it does not have an excerpt ready yet).

– Fixed a couple of chronology glitches: the Highwood bridge in Laketon has been in use for three years at the time it’s mentioned, and Keifon was divorced four and a half years before that’s mentioned.

Priority Smackdown Rumblemania

Today’s soundtrack: “Gimme Sympathy” by Metric, which is not about sympathy. (Or, why exactly would you wanna be the Beatles or the Rolling Stones, and what does that tell you?)

Two unrelated moments have led me kicking and screaming to examine my priorities, and to realize that examining one’s priorities is an important task. No matter what common knowledge or assumptions may tell you, there are ten million paths to every location, and ten million reasons to start traveling.

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Apparently, I need to write nonsense

…if I want to get anything done at a speed above a crawl. Or maybe the answer is to only write second drafts, which is impossible. 🙂

SFR story is now 5,000 words longer than it was before, after three days of edits. Since its inception, in every draft, this project has moved faster than any other one I’ve worked on – and I have no idea why. Maybe because the focus is on being a little bit goofy, or I have more fun describing the setting. Something.

Edits are about 1/3 of the way done – but I think the second half will end up more thoroughly changed than the first, and the pace may slow down once we get there. The angst is scaling back nicely, though. Angst up, pace down a little at the beginning, more worldbuilding, trim the sails, uhhh, see how the mainsail sets, call for the captain ashore, let me go home? (Doo-doo, doo doo-doo, do doo-doo.)

Things to learn: How to write like a normal person

100 Days rolls on! The total number of projects in the last 40 days is now up to 4: The Quartet, The Builders’ Bridge, The Healers’ Road 2: Pre-Electric Boogaloo, and now, a partial rewrite of the romance novella/short novel that has been stuck in development hell since November. Instead of being a spinoff of the Balance Academy series, it’s being blasted into space, and takes place on an Earth colony being diplomatically pressured by a heirarchy-obsessed species of sentient space tigers because why not. This may not go anywhere, but it seemed worth trying.

Normal people can pick a genre and write in it. I need to learn how to do that. It’s all well and good to let the story roam where it may, but I am faced with how to title, cover, and shelve this beast somehow. It’s a problem of too many circles on one’s Venn diagram; eventually you narrow your readership down to one.

But until then, I’m grafting ebooks, spaceships and paparazzi into what was a court-intrigue fantasy story, and having a wonderful time.

Oooh, funnels.

In the 100 Solid Days of Writing Something Every Day marathon, I finished out this flu-shackled week by dragging myself through a scene late in THR2. I told myself that I’d stop writing things out of sequence forever!, but so much for that.

Today’s late-but-still-counts foray dipped back into The Quartet, a prequel to THR — it’s about the Academy days of Rone and his three best friends, including the early Academy days of Agna and Esirel. Originally, my assumption was that this story was going to be written first, since everybody loves magic school, right? — but my interest was captured by Angry Twenty-Somethings Gallivanting Around the Back Country instead, and here we are.

Ultimately, I would like to finish The Quartet, dub it the first in this only vaguely numbered “series”, and strategize™ some synergy™ in the lineup. In other words, TQ will be less expensive than the others, as a handy entry point. Ideally it will be shorter than the others too, but I know my tendencies and laugh at the notion of wrapping anything up under 50K words. Self-publishing-land calls this kind of first-book discount a “funnel.” It’s also known as “the first one’s free, kid. Or at least 99 cents.” You are supposed to write that one first. Whee…?

In the end, it does matter which ones are finished in what order. But I’d rather have them done out of order than unfinished in the correct order, so I’ll run with it as best I can.