Why be realistic? Don’t wake me from my dream

Editing thoughts.

  1. Continuity glitches just make it seem like my characters have amnesia. One of the subplots was re-ordered during draft 1.5, and there are a lot of passing mentions about those events that need to be cleaned up. The characters keep talking about things in the future that have already happened. They’re very cheerful about it, at least.
  2. I have not run my standard too-frequently-used-word search ‘n’ purge yet. I wonder whether anyone will notice.
  3. I was horrified/delighted to find that Scrivener has a word-frequency tool built in. New toy!! Agna’s name beats Keifon’s by 250 uses, and factoring in “Kei” in dialogue doesn’t close the gap much. The most frequently used noun other than those two names is time, followed by hand (of-damn-course) and the name of a third character whose identity is a spoiler. The end of the list, all the words that are used just once, is my favorite thing ever. Accoutrements! Machinations! Wheeze! Oh, words.
  4. The more annoying a character is, the more they entertain me, in very small doses. It was Edann in book 1, and now Keth in book 2. At least they are different kinds of annoying.
  5. Heat-sealed-glass-jar type canning was not invented until the 1800s. I am never EVER going to learn enough trivial crap about the past, am I.
  6. I’ve been told I don’t say this clearly enough, so: If you are interested in beta-reading The Healers’ Home — this is not a paid position, except in gratitude and credit — send me an email (info on the About page) or comment. My first drafts are grammatically fairly decent, so this is mostly an “are my characters making incomprehensible decisions / did I forget to mention how gravity works / is this character’s name unsurmountably stupid” level of beta-read. Fear not, I know what commas are.


On the reading front, I have had to take a break from my Historical Romance immersion after my first draft of capsule reviews collapsed into ranting about first-world problems, why it was apparently required for women to be utterly perfect down to the last cell, and why people in historicals bone all the time but still wail about how if anyone knew they’d be RUINED!!!!. I’ll finish this, but first I’ll take a break for beta-reading others’ drafts and editing mine. Then back into it. I fear this genre is not for me, but I bought all those books ages ago, so I will read them, dammit.

Mile markers and feet of snow

Tonight, my husband and I were slated to be in Washingon, DC to see one of our favorite bands, The Go! Team, in concert. We had never seen them live. We planned a long weekend trip around the show. It’s winter, so we’d planned to visit some museums.

Instead, two feet of snow dumped on Washington, DC. State of emergency. We canceled the trip. The concert was later canceled. On the highway that we would have taken to get there, people were stranded in their cars overnight.

I had already requested those days off from my day job, so instead of canceling my vacation, I decided to put it to use by buckling down on the home stretch of The Healers’ Home. The finished first-and-a-half/second draft is now released to the beta readers. The second round of editing is underway.

Upcoming Sale & New Cover

In the continuing adventures of the most haphazard “marketing” “campaign” in publishing, I noticed that I had an available window for a sale on Amazon. So here we go! On January 5-12, 2016, The Healers’ Road will be .99 of the local currency in the US and UK.

I continue to apologize to the rest of the world. As soon as Book 2 is out, I will branch out into other sales channels, which should allow for more flexibility.

Now that the sequel is just over the horizon (really), and in the spirit of why-not-let’s-try-this, I’ve instituted the new cover.

The Healers' Road

I love those colors. LOVE.

The art is by RLSather, and it’s a premade cover from SelfPubBookCovers.com. The typography is by my sister, after a couple of weeks emailing back and forth with strong feelings about faux-medieval fonts. I found that I can have deep loathing toward a capital H. However, this is a capital H that I like. (We ended up with MacHumaine for the caps and Wellsley for the lower-case, with some tweaks overall.)

Mind you, this is not one of those “use your family and friends for unpaid labor at random” dealies; she’s a graphic designer in real life, and works with type and graphics  all-day-every-day.

This cover will cover the digital edition; the print edition remains with the horse-and-carriage cover for now. [Edit for fun fact: I think doing this will make Amazon cling to the old graphic. Why it would prioritize Createspace over itself, I have no idea. Since I’ve sold all of 4 copies of the paperback via Amazon, it’s disconnected for now.)

So there we go: new cover, upcoming sale.