Post Type 2: Still No Release Date

Still building the crap kingdom. I do not know why. Some of the short pieces are winding down (as with the one posted previously), so I’m poking at the idea of writing Lina’s story — Agna’s herbalist sister. It would be fun to kick around that setting for a while.

One of the beta readers has finished Book 2. I have not had time to read the notes; real life intervened. Soon. I know one excellent read-through isn’t enough to justify publishing. I’ve lost hope of that. But it’s something.

edited to add: …wow. So… wow. Um… yeah. Uh, this book has PROBLEMS, evidently. I think… I think I’m done.

The Medic and the Toymaker Short (1/1)

A short (5,000 words, to me that’s a short) that takes place during the first third of The Healers’ Road. Keifon, the medic, and Baran, the toymaker, seem to be friends, but it’s never really explored in the story. I thought I’d figure out how they got to be that way.

It’s a Keifon POV story from the first third of The Healers’ Road  (between Quickwater Crossing and the first Feast of the Resurrection), so this is angstypants sad. But not hopeless.

Spoilers for a couple of points of THR.

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