The Healers’ Home: We are liiiiiive!!


The Healers’ Home is out now! Amazon, get on updating that cover image, okay?

The first book has also dropped to $1.99 (US) for the foreseeable future. Both volumes are available for free through Kindle Unlimited.

They’re also now labeled as Book 1 and Book 2, although I do hope to write more that take place before the current Book 1. But for the sake of being clearer in the meantime, I decided to label them.

“Okay, So Why Not” Day Is Nigh

The final(?) draft was finished. One beta reader loved it, the other kind of hated it, or at least parts of it. Months of agonizing followed.

This week, stuck at home with the flu, I decided to do one more pass through the draft with the beta notes on hand. I made it through. I pared out another 2,000 words. So far, the same as always.

Here we are on the high-dive board. The final(!) draft is not perfect. This is a problem, right? Everything has to be perfect to be worthwhile, right? You have to make everyone happy all the time, right?


Every so often, a time comes when a perfectionist gets tired of waiting, and just… lets the chips fall where they may.

It’s in progress now; Amazon takes a little while to “go live.” But it’s coming. I’m not waiting for the book to be perfect anymore. I love it,  and I’ll live with its flaws. I want to move on to what’s next.