I still don’t know what beats are, but here we go

The graph is moving, officially. The outline is unvetted but finished. And the new tactic of working in the morning and over lunch with a Kindle and a Bluetooth keyboard (forming a tiny, jerry-rigged laptop of sorts) seems to work pretty well.

This week’s posting will be thrown out of whack yet again, because 50% of everyone I’ve ever met and I will be at Origins Game Fair this weekend. Not exhibiting/crafting this time, just lurking around being lurky. Unfortunately, I am not the most skilled gamer. I’ve played perhaps twelve total sessions of Dresden Files, D&D, Fate Core, and Dread over the last five years. For a lot of people at this shindig, that’s a month’s worth of gaming. So I will not be playing much.

You know what that means? Hunkering down with coffee and the mini-laptop, that’s what. Convention center food court, here I come.

When we return, I hope to a) keep going with The Healertown Passage  (the name is still sticking, so far) and b) leap into the copy of Campaign Cartographer 3 I received as a gift this past weekend, because maaaaaaaaaps! I tell myself I’ll start slow/small and work my way up to mapping the major cities/countries from my books. But I’ll probably launch right into the deep end. Still, who doesn’t love fantasy maps?

* The title is semi-facetious. They seem to be TERRIBLY IMPORTANT, but I can’t seem to nail down a definition other than “a thing that happens.” OK then.

2 thoughts on “I still don’t know what beats are, but here we go”

  1. Frequency of play has nothing to do with “skilled as a gamer”. Don’t sell yourself short and exclude yourself from fun out of some sort of notion that you need to be “skilled”!

    I’ve got kids; that’s why I’m lucky if I’ve had a chance to play a dozen times in several years. (And I publish RPGs for a living.) 🙂

    1. Thanks for the vote of confidence! I just have “I’m going to be a newb” terror, a.k.a. stage fright, really.

      I had a great time at the con; it’s so much more chilled-out than the anime cons I’m used to (which are their own kind of fun, of course).

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