Mailing list is open!

Among the many things I have learned from trying to release indie books is that trying to have a mailing list when you use Gmail is A Very Bad Idea. Who knew that was important? Apparently it is! Really important! I tried to announce Book 2, got tossed out of my mailing list service iiiiiimmediately, and then kicked dirt for several months, feeling cruddy about it, because I had no idea what the what it’s all email isn’t it argh.

So now I have a real-enough? email through my web host, which with hopes will be sufficient to not get tossed from another mailing list provider. Fingers crossed. The form is over on the sidebar. If you’d like to hear by email when Book 3 is released, or Book 2 finally gets to print-on-demand, or whatever, sign up. I lack both the energy and the desire to send extraneous announcements and advertisements, so rest assured that it won’t result in avalanches of spam.


Meanwhile, I have rewritten the end of Act 1 of Book 3 about five times by last count. It feels like trying to stick the landing on a triple lutz, and every time it’s not quite right. …Bear in mind I have not attempted to figure skate since approx. age 9.

I think I have it now, though. I think. The few folks I’ve told about it IRL keep calling it “the pandemic book,” which I feel is vastly overselling the drama factor involved. Yeah OK there’s a pandemic, but it’s in the same manner that there’s a class uprising in book 2. Technically, wedged in among all the feels-ing.

I’m also embarking on a very overdue project of mapping out the cities of Wildern and Murio. Those two lead the pack because they’re still helpful for me in the writing process; after that I’ll make a nicer version of a Kavera / Golden Caravan map than the just-above-MSPaint version I used while writing The Healers’ Road.

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