Yeah, “enter title here” is oddly apropos

Despite the complete lack of any kind of marketing effort from me, a few people have picked up Book 2 recently. If you’re the sort who reads things shortly after buying them,

  1. Welcome! If you’re in the Northern Hemisphere, enjoy the coincidental timing of both books starting in the spring.
  2. Also, HOW do you start reading things shortly after buying them??? Please teach me your secrets, because I think the book I’m on right now has been in my TBR pile for over 2 years.

After getting a new phone this weekend and getting logged out of everything on earth, I looked up my Big List of Logins Like You’re Not Supposed to Have and realized something. The reason I haven’t updated anything on my Goodreads page is that somewhere along the line, I lost my Goodreads-as-author login. There’s just a line like “Here’s the email address it’s associated with, I have no idea what the password is”

Thanks, me. How Not to Indie Author: +20 points. It would also help if I remembered the password to that email, which I do not. I think it’s on the list.

My husband — who actually checks things, and would be my publicist if I were big enough to need one — told me there was a question posted on Goodreads a while back, and I meant to answer it, but yeah. I will have to Restore Password first. The answer is disappointing, anyway; they had asked about pronunciations, and my answer is “anything that sounds good to you.” No maps yet, no dragons, and no pronunciation keys. YAY FANTASY 😀

Act 2 continues at the pace of about 500 words a day, which is my self-imposed minimum. Right now it’s in that “the narrators hate everything because they’ve made the mistakes, but have not yet figured out the answers” phase. It will hit some more interesting things within the next day or two, so that should help. Still can’t make any specific date promises, but progress is progress.

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