Deadlines! Sure!

A few days ago, I realized that it was 50 days until our departure for the Origins tabletop-gaming convention. (The con starts a day or two earlier, but we aren’t going for 100% of its run time.)

I know an arbitrary deadline when I see one, so I decided that I’d attempt to finish the first draft of Book 3 before we left. This is a pretty tall order, but not impossible. Even my minimum of 500 words a day would stack up to 25,000 words.

This is just the first draft, mind you; the comparable draft of Book 2 was missing about a quarter of the chapters that appear in the final draft, mostly in the first act. This is a raggedy sprint to the finish line, however incomplete.

It’s going pretty okay so far, though there are sections with weird gaps and rewrites, and I’m currently working on two different chapters at once thanks to my weird workflow/habits. Still, it’s progressing. And hey, if I don’t make the deadline, I will still have a lot more written than I would otherwise. That doesn’t unwrite itself just because I miss an arbitrary cutoff.

45 days to go. We’ll see.

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