The Balance Academy Continuity: Character-driven drama in a fantasy world where magic is largely taken for granted, and considered no more fantastical than medicine or engineering. The Academy of the Divine Balance, administered by priests and funded by Nessiny’s ruling families, trains young people in magical healing, counseling and the priesthood, and swordmastery — the traditional swordfighting art of the Church’s bodyguards.

A group of students meets at the Academy, expecting their years there to be the most exciting and meaningful of their lives —but more lies in store for them outside the Academy’s gates.

Rone’s Trilogy
The Quartet
The Builders’ Bridge
The Teachers

Agna’s Trilogy

The Healers’ Road (out now) / A bright, ambitious healing graduate follows her friend and mentor to an overseas assignment, and finds that her biggest challenge lies in learning how to trust others.

The Healers’ Home (Coming Spring 2016) / Wildern is a town on the cusp: poised on the Kaveran border, with a new hospital bringing in talent from around the world.  Agna thinks it’s ripe for some more culture, and launches her plan to open her own art gallery.  Keifon becomes a doctor’s apprentice, hoping to settle into a quiet new life.  But another improvement project may bring more than infrastructure to this growing border town, and test its newest residents’ loyalties.

The Healers’ Life / Splitting her time between the gallery and the hospital has left Agna little time to deal with her family’s distant dramas. It isn’t as if they could help, from the other side of the world… Meanwhile, recent events have brought waves of new residents to Wildern, seeking opportunities that had been denied in their homeland. Keifon finds himself caught between his old beliefs and the new life he’s chosen.

Other Stories

Nicolina and Esirel’s Story: The Storytellers / Lina Despana has been  protected by her loved ones all her life, which has always suited her just fine. She’d rather be in her garden or mixing up herbal concoctions than dealing with her father’s business anyway. But when she gets a taste of a world outside her everyday life, the shy herbalist begins to push back. Her faithful knight can’t protect a maiden who doesn’t want to stay in the tower.

Placida and Lunden’s Story: The Strangers / Many graduates from the Academy see their compulsory community service as a sentence, but to Placida, it’s an escape. All she has to do is to reopen an abandoned shrine in a remote village, rally the townsfolk back into the spiritual life, and convince them all that she believes in the Divine Balance in the first place. All while putting up with the most aggravating former classmate she’s ever had. Easy, right?

Rone and Agna’s Crossover: Spring Reunion

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