Book 2. The Healers’ Home


Wildern is a town on the cusp: poised on the border between Kavera and Yanwei, with a new hospital bringing in talent from around the world.

Agna thinks it’s ripe for some more culture. She launches her plan to open her own art gallery, putting off her family’s pleas to come home and join the family business. A new mentor seems to suggest that her talents are better spent as a healer, but why else did she come to town?

Keifon becomes a doctor’s apprentice, hoping to settle into a quiet new life, even though he suspects such dreams are out of his reach. And why is he finding it so hard to move out of Agna’s house and reach for the life he’s always said he wanted?

A new improvement project will bring an old friend to this growing border town, and test its newest residents’ loyalties. The past won’t let go, and the future won’t wait.

Part of the Balance Academy continuity / Direct sequel to The Healers’ Road. 158,000 words.

Genre: Slice-of-life fantasy.

Released on Aug. 26, 2016. Buy or download a sample on Amazon

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