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Thanks all around

Two days remain on the Countdown Deal [EDIT: As of my timestamp – until 12/27], and while THR is not any kind of international bestseller, that’s OK. I have more than met the goal that I set for myself: I would like to share this story with some people. Perhaps even people whom I don’t know. I mean, let’s not dream TOO big, but it would be nice.

Perhaps it’s unprofessional, but I wanted to pause and express my exhilarated gratitude to everyone who has taken a chance on it. Maybe you’ll like it, and maybe you won’t. Maybe you won’t finish it. Maybe it’ll sit in your TBR pile until the heat death of the universe. I know the feeling, in all of those cases. It’s all good.

In any of those cases, thank you for visiting its world, or at least picking up a ticket. I’m honored to have opened the gates.

Counting up money as though it meant something

Because I like sales, too: The Healers’ Road will have a Kindle Countdown Deal in the US and UK from Dec. 21 to 27, 2014. In the US this means that the price will drop to $0.99 on Sunday, click up to $1.99 in the middle of the week, and resume its usual price of $2.99 at the end of the week. In the UK there’s just one stage, £0.99 from the 21st-27th and back to £1.99 at the end of the week.

Related-but-not-in-an-obvious-fashion, THR should be available at the Kobo store and other ebook retailers in mid-January. Amazon has an exclusivity clause for three months, and that’s when it expires. It’s not unlike the platform-exclusives in video games, in which one platform will get a title three months ahead of the others.

One might think that the Amazon version should have Link as a playable character or something. Such, however, is not the case. Instead, we get a sale. And sales are still good.